VOWWS presents their new single and video "Forget Your Finery" / by Florencia Franceschetti


First single off upcoming album Under the World, due February 2018 on Anti-Language Records

The Dark-Pop duo Vowws return this fall with the first single off their upcoming album Under The World to be released in February on Anti-Language Records. The new track "Forget Your Finery" showcases a marked evolution of the band’s sound - the result being more direct, upbeat and more Pop-tinged, while retaining the signature dark, foreboding edge that is the hallmark of Vowws.

The DIY-focussed duo created a visual component for the track, but insist this is not a music video per se:  "We didn't plan to make a video for this song but we didn't want to just throw up a jpeg.” - Rizz

As is the norm for the band, they went much further than that - the result is a glitchy, hypnotic accompaniment with sexy Pulp Fiction vibes. To further capture the visual essence of the music, the band has continued their collaboration with artist Jesse Draxler on the album and singles artwork. Draxler's previous music work includes Zola Jesus, Chelsea Wolfe and Black Queen, and recent commissions include The New York Times and Alexander McQueen.